Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Project Feeder Watch Week 6

Again, no new species. But lots and lots of new birds, mostly finches. I didn't get decent pictures, thanks to the drizzle, of the mockingbird or either of the nuthatches - White-breasted or Red-breasted - but here are the others in no particular order.

Brown thrasher

Blue jay and Mourning dove

 Blue jay

Female Northern cardinal and male Purple finch

Red-bellied woodpecker

American goldfinch

Four American goldfinches

Sixteen! American goldfinches

Same shot, cropped and enhanced to make counting them easier

Carolina chickadee and male House finch

Female Eastern Towhee

Mourning dove

Two mourning doves, likely a pair

Two male House finches

Three House finches (one female) and two American goldfinches

Carolina chickadee with House finches and a goldfinch

White-throated sparrow

Several male House finches and goldfinches

Male Purple finch, several goldfinches, and part of a dove

Three male House finches

Downy woodpecker

Tufted titmouse, American goldfinch, female Purple finch

Male House finches

Trees with Mourning doves

Tufted titmouse eating a sunflower seed - they have to break them open against a branch, their beaks aren't made like finches'

Tufted titmouse

Brown thrasher

Female Eastern towhee

Not the world's greatest shot of a male Eastern towhee

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