Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Week in Entertainment

Film: Rogue One, which I loved and will see again. I'm not sure, but this may be the movie with the smallest amount of stuff in the trailers that I've ever seen. And White Christmas on the big screen at the Tennessee Theater. What a great way to start Christmas  week!

TV: I watched the first two seasons of Superstore. It's pretty funny. I did think it odd that the first episode of season two happened before the dramatic finale of season one, though. I also watched the little mini-series (Property) Brothers Take New Orleans.

Read: Finished Tea with the Black Dragon, which wasn't quite as good as I had remembered it being (without remembering hardly anything about it), and then read the sequel, Twisting the Rope, which wasn't quite as good. Am now reading People of the Book, which has a really good beginning, anyway.



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