Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Uncle Vova

Here's something that leaves me fairly speechless. Lyrics, quick translation, and notes below.

Uncle Vova (by Vyacheslave Antonov)

The 21st century is here, the globe is tired of wars
A leader has won the people
In the EU there’s no consensus, the Middle East is drowning in poverty
Across the ocean the president is losing his power

For us, from the northern seas all the way to the southern borders
From the Kuril Islands to the shores of the Baltic,
We would have peace in this land, but if our commander in chief
Calls us to the last battle, Uncle Vova We are with you

And what will we gain, my generation,
By refusing to see, we will lose our whole country
Our true friends are the Navy and the Army,
The memory of the friendship of our grandfathers, and the Red Star

The samurai will never take the ridge,
We will defend the amber capital,
Our Sevastopol and our Crimea we will preserve for our descendants
And back into the haven of the motherland we will return Alaska

A few quick notes:
гегемон does not mean hegemony, but rather hegemon, "one who possesses dominant power or hegemony, i.e. a strong leader, i.e. Putin;
The reference to a president losing power is the Russian view that Trump wants to cooperate with Russia but is prevented by Congress from doing so;
"the last battle" recalls an iconic WWII song;
дать слабинку is to have a blind spot, but here I think it means more to turn a blind eye or refuse to see what's in front of you;
the reference to grandfathers is to WWII;
the Amber Capital is Kaliningrad;
Uncle is a term of address for an older man from children;
and Vova is a nckname for Vladimir - Putin, in other words.

Дядя Вова - Вячеслав Антонов

Двадцать первый век настал, шар земной от войн устал
Населенье шара гегемон достал
В Евросоюзе мненья нет, Ближний Восток стонет от бед
За океаном лишен власти президент

Нам от северных морей, вдаль до южных рубежей
От Курильских островов, до Балтийских берегов
На земле сей был бы мир, но если главный командир
Позовет в последний бой, дядя Вова мы с тобой

А что достанется тому, поколенью моему
Дать слабинку, потеряем всю страну
Наши верные друзья, это Флот и Армия
Память дружбы деда красная звезда

Не достанется гряда самураям никогда
Грудью встанем за столицу янтаря
Севастополь наш и Крым, для потомков сохраним
В гавань Родины, Аляску возвратим

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At 8:29 PM, November 22, 2017 Anonymous Mark P had this to say...

It's a little unsettling. It sounds like something the North Koreans would sing.


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