Friday, November 30, 2018


Another antecedent problem...

You really have to be careful. No Jews were murdered at the Auschwitz Museum, guys. Yeah, I know: Auschwitz Museum is their name (or rather their Twitter handle), but still. You've just made "Auschwitz Museum" your antecedent for your relative clause. Try saying:

I can hardly believe it, but we live in the day and age where the Museum at Auschwitz, where 1.1 million Jews were murdered, is having to weigh in on...

(Also, it's usually "we live in a day and age". That gets 12 million hits on Google, while "the" gets only 7,000 - and a lot of them are false, like "Until then, Steve, Gay, Morry, and the day and age they represented, remained historical relics, entombed in reels of celluloid." or "You get a “does not exist” error on the day and age page.")

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