Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

Live: City of Ladies, the Folger Consort's companion concert to Shakespeare's Sisters - 15th century Burgundian chansons, very beautiful.

DVD: Some Scarecrow & Mrs King, because I do like Kate Jackson. It's kind of amazing though, looking back at it now, how many times the plot hinged on finding a phone.

TV: The Mentalist - nice story, but the end shot - Jane saying Rigsby's baby was beautiful and the expression on his face as he walked away - that was something. The Middle was uneven but cute. Modern Family was funny - I love the stop sign, the 'dimpled Chad problem', and Gloria needing to be seen to convince people... Psych - season finale, waaaaah, but good. "Forget about it, Shawn; it's just Santa Barbara." But oh. my. god. They shot Henry!

Read: Nice little cozy called Die Buying that did not end with the female sleuth falling for the cop. (Well, not yet, anyway...) An extremely odd but enthralling novel called Gods Without Men, by Hari Kunzru. The key quote (as several reviewers have noted) is: “There are certain things you can’t look at directly. You need to trick them into revealing themselves. … We’re juxtaposing things, listening for echoes.” The book is an echo chamber, bouncing from time to time yet always telling a cohesive (if not entirely coherent) narrative about the things you can't see if you stare at them.



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