Friday, October 24, 2014

Well, that didn't take long

So, Bing got it right yesterday. But today they're back on form:

Yep. A simple little couple of sentences. «Не мы это начали»: Как Россия Владимира Путина будет менять международный порядок

And Bing says "Don't we began: the Russia of Vladimir Putin to change the international order".

see text

To start, Bing misses the quotation marks. Then ... "Don't we began".

"Don't we began"?? Bing, that's not English. The не is modifying мы, anyway - "not we" - and you forgot the это. "We didn't start this."

Then you totally left out the как. That means "how". And the будет, which means "will" - the future tense. And that means the sentence isn't "the Russia of Putin to change" (which, again, isn't English) but rather "how the Russia of Vladmir Putin will change the international order."

So Bing left out three crucial words and misplaced the "not". Not a good sign.

Google isn't much better. ""Do not we have started," How Russia Vladimir Putin will change the international order"

They got the quotataion marks, and the "how" and the "will"... but "Do not we have started"? Seriously? And where's the "this"? It's not just "starting", it's "starting this". And missing that  Putin's name is in the genitive case? How does a translation algorithm do that?

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