Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Week in Entertainment

Film: The Theory of Everything, which was enjoyable.

DVD: Some episodes of a Christmas present - the 1970s David McCallum series The Invisible Man, dated but entertaining.

TV: Caught up on Grimm - my god, what a double cliff-hanger to end on! Yikes! Also The Librarians, which was not their best episode; all the villainous version were so over the top. The next one? I settled in to watch it and TNT went out. Just TNT. Will get it on On Demand. Grrrr - it was going to have Christian Kane with the axe! Watched an old Man from UNCLE instead. Saw We Are Marshall, which I'd managed to miss before. It was excellent formula.

Read: Finished The Goblin Emperor which was so good - just brilliant. Began The War of the Flowers which is very odd, at least so far.



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