Monday, October 06, 2014

First Monday of the fiscal year in two worlds

 I like the way the Times uses no articles to say English isn't even in those households... especially since the story says one-fifth of people, not households, use a foreign language at home. Ah well...

The Times:

Demographics: English not language in fifth of U.S. households | Arabic, Urdu grow at the fastest pace
Security: U.S. bombs have stalled, not stopped Islamic State | Baghdad invasion plot endangers government
Asia: Hong Kong chief seeks peaceful end to protests; activists splinter
Baseball: UP AGAINST THE WALL | Nationals try to regroup after epic against Giants
Election: Pennsylvanians on path to buck trend, oust governor
The big picture is of a despondent Nationals player; a small one of Democrat Tom Wolfe accompanies the election piece

The Post:

Relatives of Ebola patient feel stigma | Liberian 'fighting for his life' in Dallas | Family calls for use of experimental treatment
Sober times in Atlantic City | With casino cash drying up, the community bets on an unlikely new mayor
The culture wars come to a Colo. history course
Campaign 2014: Unaligned women hold keys to victory in Va. 10th District
Perspective: Decision to pull Zimmermann may haunt Nats for a long time

The big picture is the Atlantic City mayor doing the limbo at a ribbon cutting; also small ones of the Atlantic City boardwalk and of celebrating Orioles players



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